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Kirill Viktorovich Formanchuk

Кирилл Викторович Форманчук

If you get stopped by road police

Since 2006, I protect motorists' rights and have accumulated huge experience in communicating with Russian road police. Nowadays I, absolutely free of charge, share my experience with all of the drivers so you can protect yourself from unlawful police actions and brutality.

Insurance problems

Insurance companies used to unfairly profiteer from ordinary motorists. They often try to make lower payments and refuse to pay CASCO and CTP completely. They invent complex schemes to fool citizens. Know your rights, take them to court.

Unlawful driver's licence deprivation

Courts often pander police in licence deprivation despite drivers' innocence. They usually refer to indisputable lawfulness of police actions. Whether this is not true, you still have to know your rights and how to behave in court.

Join the resistance

Committee to Protect the Rights of Motorists

The Committee is created to publicly support and protect rights and legitimate interests of motorists and other road users.

Our activists function in different ways. Somebody consult people on the Internet, some represent drivers' interests at police, insurance companies and courts, some consult people by phone during accidents, some write articles in newspapers or host TV and radio shows. Everybody is trying their best to protect fellow motorists.

Federation of Russian Car Owners

The movement "Federation of Russian Car Owners" was established in 2007 in Ekaterinburg by a group of enthusiasts to protect car owners and lobby their interests.

Our aim is to unite motorists-protecting organizations and citizen groups to make joint and powerful common movement on the widest possible social level